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Do's and Dont's

While evaluating the tuxedo shop to trust dressing you the best for your event consider the following Do’s and Don’ts.


  • Do make sure you have confidence in the sales person.  The sales person should be well versed in how different designers fit their suits and tuxedos, and this person must have an eye for what would look best for you.
  • Do try to choose a tuxedo shop for your wedding or event where all their merchandise is in stock and on the premise.  It’s very important if you want to try different coats and pants on before you rent it.
  • Do try to bring in a swatch or sample of the dress colors.  A picture would work o.k., but subtle tones of colors tend to get lost in translation.
  • As the wedding draws nearer, if you want to call and find out who has or has not been fitted yet, just give us a call and we’ll tell you who you still need to kick in the tail.


  • Don’t let the price be the sole reason you choose the store. Many people make that mistake, and find out they got what they paid for.  Don’t forget your wedding album is forever. (Who cares if you save $12.50 if you will cringe every time you see the tuxedo.)
  • Don’t feel uncomfortable in what you are wearing.
  • Don’t go to a store with only a catalog, table, two chairs, and no stock (unless you are confident in the sales person).
  • Don’t book your wedding or event at the first store you go to. Shop around and you’ll find out there’s a big difference in quality and customer service, so don’t cheat yourself.